Vol. 136 · No. 1

Special Twins Issue

With short stories by Jeffrey Ford & Nick Mamatas

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In which a grand welcome is made and dark secrets of Revelator history are revealed…


We first heard about the child one evening at The Monday Afternoon Club from old Matterson, last heir to an empire of sweatshops …

Selling the Story

From Salem Village to Witch City

Witchcraft and capitalism make for a potent brew — the hideous TRUTH about Salem.

An interview with Obscuro Comix provocateur Edward Bolman

From Bolman’s years producing the Obscuro art zine “The White Buffalo Gazette” to his appearance on the TV show “Wife Swap”…

We Made Love on Mount Elgon

I tried to sit on him like Sharon Stone would,/ My thighs were too big./ I tried to lick him like ice cream…

Nick Kaufmann, Last of the Red-Hot Superwhores

Every farmboy was a red-hot superwhore once upon a time…

The Spleen Brothers

Born on a roadside in 1908, the mother leaning against the side of a truck and dropping her kids together into the sand…

Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh coat of paint,/ need one for my walls/ “Will an off white do?”…

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