Welcome all you returning readers who have followed THE REVELATOR for years, whose parents and grand-parents did the same, you readers who wait impatiently by the mailbox for the next issue to appear and who have bookcases bowed beneath the weight of yellowed editions you lack the heart to discard.

Welcome also to our first-time readers, flicking through our virtual pages more out of curiosity than any sense of the enormity of our past, the weight we your trusty editors carry on our thin shoulders.

Welcome to the jaded, degraded, and morally constipated. Welcome to the crazy, lazy, and prescriptionally hazy. Welcome to the waiters, satyrs, and Johnney-come-laters. Welcome to the sycophants, hierophants, and anorexic elephants. Welcome to the lost hearts, tossed parts, bossed tarts, and denizens of all-night Quickie Marts.

Welcome one and all to the first on-line edition of THE REVELATOR! We trust you won’t be disappointed.

And now a few words concerning pedigree…

Both current editors, Eric Schaller and Matthew Cheney, can trace their connection to THE REVELATOR back through generations.

Eric’s great grandmother, Alice Bell, edited THE REVELATOR for several years while she was an ex-patriot living in Italy, using it as a vehicle to advance a rather bohemian version of Suffragette feminist theory. A controversial figure, some dismiss Alice Bell’s feminism as simply a justification for her having abandoned her children to an orphanage back in the States, but others claim her as the spiritual god-mother of the Riot Grrls movement.

Matthew’s great-great-great uncle, or maybe great-great-great-great uncle — in any case, he was plenty great — Uncle Thurston Webb, after selling off Cheney’s Food & Armaments in Needham, Massachusetts, wrote book reviews for THE REVELATOR. Oddly enough, Matthew’s grandfather insisted that Uncle Thurston was illiterate.

It is with great pleasure that we carry on our illustrious family traditions in making THE REVELATOR available world-wide through the internet. In this issue you will discover tales of mystery and imagination alongside erudite expeditions into worlds of the unknown – not only in words, but also PICTURES! (Uncle Thurston would, we are sure, approve.) Although not a result of conscious intent, by strange coincidence many of the items herein involve twins, some only loosely conjoined, and thus our decision to call this a Special Twins issue of THE REVELATOR. The cynical among you may consider this an act of desperation, a ploy of marketing, a callous exploitation revealing nothing so much as our biological ignorance—but we ask you to open your hearts and trust the truth of all we offer!


Matthew Cheney & Eric Schaller