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When Dorothy Went Sequential: Comic Strips from The Revelator Years

The Wizard of Oz Comic Strips from 1907-1917

The comic strip that influenced Milton Caniff, Chester Gould, and Charles Schultz.

Debout Les Morts (Arise Ye Dead)

THE REVELATOR is proud to reprint this Klassic Komix from one of the earliest and greatest innovators in the medium of graphix arts and wordless books. First published in 1917, Debout Les Morts is as relevant today as it was a century ago. Please see the associated commentary by David A. Beronä for background on Frans Masereel’s graphical work against war.                        




The Great Snail

A Victorian Interlude!

Lipstick Traces

Lars Van Stook

Black Rayed Sun and Spittoon of Hidden Delights in “Seafood Saps”