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The Grey Man Dreams for the First Time

Sensible, The Grey Man grows tired…

Why the Grey Man Finds the City

Because the trees were all but motionless…

The Grey Man Goes to the Movies

He knows that he enters the darkness…


The field seemed sick as a soul with sin,/ Or dead of an old despair…

Settling Accounts

I fell in love with a demon with a woodwind name

Trying for It

The ghost I see walking the rust-soft wreckage

Being Providence

You could never have slept/ in my shipwrecked bed

Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh coat of paint,/ need one for my walls/ “Will an off white do?”…

We Made Love on Mount Elgon

I tried to sit on him like Sharon Stone would,/ My thighs were too big./ I tried to lick him like ice cream…