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The Grey Man Dreams for the First Time

Sen­si­ble, The Grey Man grows tired…

Why the Grey Man Finds the City

Because the trees were all but motion­less…

The Grey Man Goes to the Movies

He knows that he enters the dark­ness…


The field seemed sick as a soul with sin,/ Or dead of an old despair…

Settling Accounts

I fell in love with a demon with a wood­wind name

Trying for It

The ghost I see walk­ing the rust-soft wreck­age

Being Providence

You could nev­er have slept/ in my ship­wrecked bed

Fresh Coat of Paint

Fresh coat of paint,/ need one for my walls/ “Will an off white do?”…

We Made Love on Mount Elgon

I tried to sit on him like Sharon Stone would,/ My thighs were too big./ I tried to lick him like ice cream…