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“Gaslight” © 2011 Jeffrey Ford

“Satan’s Flesh Zamboni,” “A Victorian Interlude,” “Lipstick Traces,” “Lars van Stook,” “The Great Snail,” and “Seafood Saps” © 2011 Edward Bolman

Interview with Edward Bolman © 2011 Eric Schaller

“We Made Love on Mount Elgon” © 2011 Beverly Nambozo

“Selling the Story: From Salem Village to Witch City” © 2011 Robin DeRosa

“under the sheltering” and “(and they all went to heaven in a little rowboat)” © 2011 Michaela D’Angelo

“Fresh Coat of Paint” © 2011 Lillian Aujo

“Nick Kaufman, Last of the Red-Hot Superwhores,” © 2011 Nick Mamatas

“The Spleen Brothers,” © 2011 Brian Francis Slattery

“A True and Reliable Account of the Attempted Daylight Robbery of the First National Bank of Northfield, Minn. By the Notorious James-Younger Gang, as Related by a Witness to the Events” © 2011 Matthew Cheney