We Made Love on Mount Elgon

I tried to sit on him like Sharon Stone would,
My thighs were too big.
I tried to lick him like ice cream,
My tongue couldn’t wet his hairs.
I tried to kiss his cir­cum­cised flesh,
My lips caused him pain.
I tried to slap him and make him scream,
He laughed instead.
I tried to touch my breath with his,
I end­ed up coughing.
I tried to make our bod­ies in the sign of the cross,
And our cen­ters met.
And that is how we made love on Mount Elgon.

Bev­er­ley Nam­bo­zo Nsen­giyun­va is the founder of the annu­al BN Poet­ry Award for women, the first of its kind in Ugan­da that pro­motes poet­ry. She also emerged as one of the top three final­ists for the erbac­ce-press inter­na­tion­al poet­ry prize. Her first book, Unjump­ing is now on sale.