Vol. 138 · No. 1

Special Bookworm Issue

With short stories by Richard Bowes, D. F. Lewis, and Mikki Kendall

Special Bookworm Issue
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Eye, Eye, Eye!

Revealed at last, the unauthorized history of THE REVELATOR…

If God Is Watching

I killed a man when I was 13…

The Death and Life of Elodia Harwinton

In hindsight, they should have seen it coming…

Stories I Tell to Friends

“As a kid I had a crush on Captain Kangaroo…”

Man of Bone and Fame

His fees were high but his failure rate was low…

The Prohibition-Era REVELATOR Cocktail

Rediscovered At Last!

The recipe for the prohibition-era cocktail, a favorite of Ernest Hemingway’s, rediscovered at last…

Dreams of Order, Visions of Chaos

An SF Childhood in Kenya

I met the astronaut in 1989 at the former U.S. Embassy in downtown Nairobi…


The field seemed sick as a soul with sin,/ Or dead of an old despair…

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