Vol. 138 Issue 1

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“Stories I Tell to Friends” © 2014 Richard Bowes

“If God Is Watching” © 2014 Mikki Kendall

“Man of Bone and Fame” © 1994 D. F. Lewis (originally published in Threads)

“The Death and Life of Elodia Harwinton” © 2014 Brian Francis Slattery

Frans Masereel’s Picture Books against War © 2014 David A. Beronä

“While You Were Sleeping” and “Nightbook” © 2014 Case Hathaway-Zepeda

“The Revelator Cocktail” supporting text © 2014 Eric Schaller

“Dreams of Order, Visions of Chaos: an SF Childhood in Kenya” © 2014 Njihia Mbitiru