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The Death and Life of Elodia Harwinton

In hind­sight, they should have seen it coming…

The Ashland Waltz

In a week, the entire val­ley would be underwater…

Oh Those Vermonters! A Photojournal

Our cor­re­spon­dent explores the region that inspired The Whis­per­er in Darkness


In which the hideous truth behind the theme of this issue is revealed…

The Spleen Brothers

Born on a road­side in 1908, the moth­er lean­ing against the side of a truck and drop­ping her kids togeth­er into the sand…


In which a grand wel­come is made and dark secrets of Rev­e­la­tor his­to­ry are revealed…

Selling the Story

From Salem Village to Witch City

Witch­craft and cap­i­tal­ism make for a potent brew — the hideous TRUTH about Salem.