March 2016


Our contributors share a few of their favorite things.

The Grey Man Dreams for the First Time

Sensible, The Grey Man grows tired…

The Law and the Profits

In retrospect, maybe trafficking souls for the raw material to disguise her own was the mistake…

When Dorothy Went Sequential: Comic Strips from The Revelator Years

The Wizard of Oz Comic Strips from 1907-1917

The comic strip that influenced Milton Caniff, Chester Gould, and Charles Schultz.


Vol. 139 Issue 1

Read them in their exquisite detail.

Shotgun Books

Our Seventh Installment

THE REVELATOR honors the legacy of William S. Burroughs with a bul­let and a book…

Why the Grey Man Finds the City

Because the trees were all but motionless…

Cities of Emerald, Deserts of Gold

I avoid the golden lands, where the wind travels alone for miles…

The Kung Fu Wizard of Oz Speaks in Korean

The Strange Pleasure of the Obscure Joke

One of the clichés about humor is…

“I Don’t Think We’re in New Hampshire Anymore!”

We all have memories of Oz…