Vol. 139 Issue 1

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Contributing Editors: Matthew Cheney and Eric Schaller

Webdesigner: Luis Rodrigues

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Cover “Dorothy” art © 2016 Eric Schaller

Editorial © 2016 Matthew Cheney and Eric Schaller

“The Law and the Profits” © 2016 John Chu

“Cities of Emerald, Deserts of Gold © 2016 Sofia Samatar

“Why Don’t You Go to Her?” © 2016 Brian Francis Slattery

“The Kung Fu Wizard of Oz Speaks in Korean: The Strange Pleasure of the Obscure Joke” © 2016 Minsoo Kang

“The Grey Man Dreams for the First Time” © 2016 Peter Dubé

“Why the Grey Man Finds the City” © 2016 Peter Dubé

“The Grey Man Goes to the Movies” © 2016 Peter Dubé

“Death Comes Ripping” © 2016 Chad Woody

“When Dorothy Went Sequential: The Wizard of Oz Comic Strips from 1904-1915” © 2016 Eric Schaller (Text; “We cannot wake Ozma” strip); Chad Woody (“The Nome King has tricked Dorothy” strip); Jim Siergey (“Oh hello, Scarecrow” and “The intrepid Rough Rider” strips)