Vol. 137 Issue 1

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“More Dark” © 2012 Laird Barron

“Joyride,” “Unsung,” and “Thor” © 2012 Chad Woody

 “Trying for It,” “Settling Accounts,” and “Being Providence” © 2012 Sonya Taaffe

“Oh Those Vermonters! © 2012 by the estate of Mary Francis Cogswell

 “Spaghetti Monster,” “Animal,” “The Dude,” “Deflector,” “Nostalgia,” and “Cthulhu” © 2012 Adam Blue

 “Brattleboro Days, Yuggoth Nights,” © 2012 Nick Mamatas

“The Ashland Waltz,” © 2012 Brian Francis Slattery

“Lovecraft in Brooklyn” © 2012 Meghan McCarron